Saudi Arabia
ESPAC - Precast Aerated Concrete, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
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ESPAC - Precast Aerated Concrete, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

About Company

Is the green trademark in AAC World. ESPAC is a Saudi- Emirati Company specialized in Precast Aerated Concrete (PAC) by using the latest technologies and in accordance to the best quality standards, highly qualified experts with good architectural and engineering skills in planning, manufacturing, designing and constructing green building using Precast Aerated Concrete (PAC). ESPAC provide great quantity of blocks, panels, and roofs to meet the needs of the Saudi Market in establishing trading center and residential compounds. It also provides necessary technical support to ensure best products. ESPAC Team has the best scientific knowledge besides specialization experts In manufacturing, constructing and installing products safely and properly, using all available advantage and opportunity in project environment.

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2833 St.49th (St.67th X St.166th) 2nd Industrial city Dammam 34324-7333 Saudi Arabia


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