Portland Cements in Saudi Arabia : Characteristics, Uses and Benefits

When you make your mind up to start constructing your house, one of the most imperative elements is cement that would be used in the construction process. In reality, the most common type of cement to be used all around the world is Portland cement. The most significant factor about this global general use is certainly its composition. Portland cement is comprised of various types of important ingredients like mortars, stucco, grout and concrete.
This cement is manufactured as a high quality power by blending the Portland cement clinker along with calcium sulfate. Initially Portland cement was produced in the early 19th century, but today it has made its worth recognized due to its topnotch quality ready-mix concrete ingredients all over the world. This adoption has been taken into consideration by the scientists only after having successfully tested and identified the fact that Portland cements creates a strong bond and correlation as compared to the early methods of concrete production.
Characteristics of the Main Types of Portland Cements
The general features of the various types of Portland cements are mentioned as below one-by-one:
  1. First of all, the General Purpose Portland Cement has comparatively high C3S content which creates a great early strength development. This is the reason why so general purpose Portland cement is very useful for most structures, railway bridges, overpasses, underpasses, pavements and precast units in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Secondly, there is a Moderate Sulfate Resistance Portland Cement which can be specifically used for those structures which are exposed to soil and water pertaining sulfate ions. The moderate sulfate resistance Portland cement contains low C3A content of up to 8%.
  3. Thirdly, High Early Strength Portland Cement is grounded more translucently as it has slightly more C3S. That’s what high early strength Portland cement is considered for rapid construction and cold weather concreting across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Fourthly, Low Het of Hydration (slow reacting) Portland cement has a very low C3A content of at least 5%, as this type of cement is best suited to gigantic structures like dams which are rare in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Fifthly, High Sulfate Resistance Portland cement has very low C3A content of at least 5%, because it suits for buildings and other structures which are exposed to high levels of sulfate ions in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Last, but not the least, White Color Portland cement has no C4AF content whereas it pertains low MgO. White Portland cement is best suited to decorative structures.
Uses and Benefits of Portland-cement in Saudi Arabia
With the increasing demand of cement that is consistently being used in the construction sites, Portland cement is certainly the one which creates a big part of the ready mix concrete in Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, there are plenty of uses and benefits of Portland cement for the construction companies in Saudi Arabia.
  1. One of the most important functions of Portland cement is that it can be used for the production of concrete in a ready mix concrete and cement factory. This type of cement plays a key role in setting and consolidating the concrete.
  2. Portland cement can be mixed with other aggregates with no trouble. This cement type starts to perform a binary function. One it makes all your concrete products workable and effective when soaked and Two, it makes them to be resilient and long-lasting when desiccated.
  3. The Portland cement is largely placed on the retaining walls and the precast concrete block walls as the most important feature to build strong foundation of concrete.
  4. After blending it with water, Portland cement exactly turns out to be a plastic stone and hence this type of cement can be used for several purposes and in sites where granites were to be used and that too by keeping within your budget limits.
  5. This type of cement can be easily molded and adjusted to get a hard and fire-proof substance which may further be used while designing corporate building structures, shopping floors, reservoirs, swimming pools and other concrete foundations.  
  6. Remember that any kind of iron or wood construction is exposed to decomposition, decay or oxidation either by means of water or air. But with the ready mix concrete blocks, made by using high-quality and durable Portland cement, they can be efficiently protected.
  7. Any composition that is intended to support heavy volume weight will bring Portland cement into use. That is why Portland cements can be used on a wide range of structures across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like from ground floors of multi-storey buildings to bridge floors, pavements to precast units and dams to bridge spans.
  8. As the Portland cement has the ability to prevent corrosion, it can be also used in bunkers, tanks and ships. Thus, it can be said that Portland cement dramatically increases the durability as well as worth of your tanks, ships and bunkers.
  9. A destructive fire may leave an edifice, house, shop or any other structure completely burnt and blistered but thanks to Portland cement, this will not be happened.
  10. Portland cement can be also applied on various surfaces like plasters, grouts, screeds and mortars as a useful material. This cement can be further placed on gaps in order to strengthen up the structures.
  11. The usage of Portland cements has dramatically increased ready mix concrete production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently. Due to the sheer prominence which is being applied on them, these types of concrete cements have therefore made their worth renowned all over the world.
  12. Portland cement concrete can be placed on laying floors, roofs and beams.
  13. In addition, these cements can be applied on weather sheds, stairs and pillars.
  14. This concrete cement can be further attached on culvert, tunnels, docks and light houses for strengthening purpose.
  15. You can apply it on drains, pipes and fencing posts as well.
  16. If you are willing to decorate your interior home design structures or corporate office structures in Saudi Arabia, then this is the best cement type to get the job done successfully for you.
  17. Even more Portland cement strengthens up public roads, lamp posts and septic tanks.
  18. This cement type is also used to build durable tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, early morning jogging tracks for health conscious people and sport aficionados.
  19. It can be also attached on the telephone cabins for strengthening purpose.
  20. Lastly, Portland concrete cements can be used on garden seats and dust bins.
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