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Abu Qafrh Holding, Abha, Saudi Arabia
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Abu Qafrh Holding, Abha, Saudi Arabia

About Company

Abu Qafrh Holding Since 1980, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. started as a small corporation founded in the reign of Sheikh Salem Abu Qafrah – God bless his soul- and started its activity in the sector of equipment and transportation, and then turned to the activity of manufacturing and began with the concrete products, then it evolved into the Saad and Abdul Rahman Abu Qafrah Holding Co. the sons of Sheikh Salem Abu Qafrah. Nowadays, Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is a leader company in the cement block and ready-mix concrete industry, quarries, contracting & general transportation thanks to Allah at first and as a result of the wisdom of its management who’s having a long experience in this field . Abu Qafrah Holding Co. is a vital pioneer in the field of cement industries in Assir region and its share in the market is 36% in Assir Region. It has played an active role in infrastructure development in the Southern Region of the Kingdom during the last six decades and still continues to support the wheel of evolution and growth in our beloved country.

Contact Details

Abu Qafrh Holding

833Abha 61421, Saudi arabia kingdom


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