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Al Tarek Company for Ready Mix Concrete & Precast
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Al Tarek Company for Ready Mix Concrete & Precast

About Company

Factories slapper Cement Products ancient name of his stature and appreciation in the Saudi market in the field of industry and trade of cement products is one of our latest project, which was decided after studying the feasibility of a lengthy, which operates a high production capacity and global expertise to ready-mixed concrete and walls production and concrete barriers and or bulk cement in all sizes and types, forms and production isolated or bulk (insulating and sound) as well as volcanic or bulk, which is characterized by high quality and light weight .. and factory slapper Alosmonah products from the production company (MCF Italian) and running (PLC and SCADA), one of the most advanced devices in the operation of modern automated factories system and shared in the work the latest German and Japanese equipment .. and has slapper private transfer ensures a distribution and conduction velocity in our endeavor to satisfy customers fleet factory .. the plant operates 24 hours a day to secure the required quantities .. and in our endeavor to achieve success and development, we appealed to God first, and then with the efficiency Specialists high different nationalities are characterized by large their expertise in the field of Alosmonah products manufacturing and concrete factory has got the certificates of excellence after the presentation of our products to the most powerful laboratory for inspection and examination of its components and its hardness and ability to withstand harsh and variable climatic conditions from time to time .. and plant various departments such as production management, distribution, sales and follow-up It has several selling points and agents accredited in various regions .. Among the most prominent of our concerns (product quality and customer satisfaction) and always strive for excellence and development, competition and our goal to work on the latest high-tech systems to be our products are always the best

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Al Tarek Company for Ready Mix

Jeddah - Eltahlya ST El Azerya Tower Office 211 / 212


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