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Namlah Factory for Blocks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Namlah Factory for Blocks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

About Company

Our factory was established in 1976, and since that the factory is being developed and expanded in several stages using the latest systems and technologies in the business of building blocks, tiles and edgings to keep pace with the requirements of urban development in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, therefore it was the first stages of development and expansion to increase productivity in the year of 1986.

And to cover the increase demand for our products, was set a new production lines which operate automatically by the computer entirely in the year of 1999 and 2011 for the production of tiles according to the latest international technology, starting by the preparation of the mixture, and then passing through all the stages of production until the stage of drying which is performed by steam, with the knowledge that all the products are subject to quality control in a laboratory plant equipped with the latest technology and in independent laboratories in the Kingdom to ensure that they conform to the highest standards and specifications approved by the largest construction and Consultant Engineering Companies.

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P.O Box 6989, Jeddah 21452, Saudi Arabia


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