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National Concrete Products Co. Ltd, Riyadh
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National Concrete Products Co. Ltd, Riyadh

About Company

The National Foundation for Concrete Products (factory for the production of ready-mixed concrete) Mr. / Saad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Tuwaijri to the owner of the oldest ready-mixed concrete production plants in Riyadh. Where he established the factory since 1979. More than any of the Thirty-year-old second industrial zone. National Foundation for Concrete Products is one of the totality of Saad bin Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri. The factory is one of the largest factories operating in Riyadh to meet the needs of the Saudi market of ready-mixed concrete in accordance with the quality standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to Allah the National Foundation to expand its activity succeeded by establishing another new factory for the production of ready-made all kinds of concrete, as well as blocks of all kinds and sizes Khurais accidentally - Nadheem neighborhood and that the space (thirty thousand square meters) to meet the Saudi market needs of prefabricated blocks of concrete. Where National Corporation owns a large fleet of the latest mixers with different types and models (such as the Mercedes and Filvo and Alovico) and also high-efficiency multi-lengths pumps, which range in length between 18 and 54 linear meters operated by a cadre of operators with experience of large and professionalism. It also provided our factories laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and technical crews operating with high efficiency and accuracy. This national institution and includes many of the specialized sections for quality control and adjust the stages of production in order to preserve and desire us to be our products are enjoying record levels to meet the wishes of our customers.

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National Concrete Products Co.

New Industrial City, Riyadh 14331 7066


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