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Saudi Readymix Concrete Suppliers Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Readymix Concrete Suppliers Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

About Company

Our aim is to meet the regions building needs and provide relentless support services. To accomplish that, we continually mold our products and services to meet any requirements, overcome challenges and solve problems. In doing so, Saudi Readymix has become a name that is synonymous with quality products and services.

The products we provide are the building blocks and foundations of construction projects. We specialize in ready-mixed concrete and offer a wide range in related products with added value through our support and services.
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Ready-mix Concrete Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete manufactured in a factory according to a set recipe, then delivered to a work site.Saudi Readymix is the leading producer and supplier of ready-mix concrete in Saudi Arabia.

Mixture precision, reduced worksite confusion. Our product is supplied to our clientele from any of our factories of our commercial network through the utilization of our large fleet or via project-specific on-site factories.

Related Products Saudi Readymix produces and supplies a wide range of construction materials and products:

Concrete Masonry Units Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) are also referred to as Cinder Blocks, Cement Blocks, Concrete Blocks or Foundation Blocks.CMUs are made from cast concrete Portland cement and aggregate. Changing the aggregate, changes the type and use of the CMU. Saudi Readymix operates two block factories one located in Jubail and the other in Jeddah. Each produces a wide range of block products that include CMUs, thermal insulation blocks, decorative blocks, interlocking pavers,split fluted blocks and cable tiles.

Quarry Products A quarry is a type of open-pit mine from which rock or minerals are extracted. Quarries are used for extracting building materials such as dimension stone, aggregate, sand, and gravel. Construction aggregate, more commonly referred to as just aggregate, is a term used describe a wide category of materials used in construction that includes sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates.

Quarry SRMC Saudi Readymix owns and operates its own quarries, one in each of Al-Nuairiayah, Al-Summan and Makkah.

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